In Loving Memory...

Because you will not be forever, Hope against time though I may, I paint your picture in my memory,
Eyes blue with age, muzzle gone gray.

Because you walked with me in Springtime, Puppy-clumsy, running free.

As you grew, we grew together- You became a part of me. Because you shared with me my sorrows,
Not understanding- simply there. Often spurring me to laughter-- My friend, you know how much I care.

Because the years have slowed your fleetness, Though your spirit still is strong.

I promise I will take more time now, So that you can go along. Because you do not fear the future,
Living only in the now, I draw strength from your example- Yet time keeps slipping by somehow.
Because the day will soon be coming When I will no longer see You rise to greet me-but in memory ....

You will always walk with me.

~by Gayl Jokiel~


JANUARY 11, 1997 - MARCH 4, 2005

Vader was our very special brindle boy. He was top of the standard and quite large but so very gentle. He loved all of us but Clark became his "person". He lived his life close to us as our house companion and greeted welcomed visitors with the same enthusiasm that he had for life. Some of his favorite joys were when Clark came home from work, helping Clark do farm chores and the visits from our children and grandchildren. Vader certified OFA Excellent on his hips with certified clear elbows.

We will miss our dear friend but he will live on in our memories and hearts and our lives are better because of him.




FEBRUARY 9, 1987 - JULY 9, 1997


Ripley was my constant companion,. I’m quite close to all of my dogs but she was unique and had a special place in my heart. She had a very full life and made us proud of her accomplishments. She produced three wonderful litters out of which she earned her Register of Merit. She was OFA GOOD on her hips with her elbows certified clear of dysplasya. When she was old enough to show we attended dog shows and most always came home with a winning ribbon! She achieved her Championship very quickly. After Ripley’s third litter we retired her and she took on the duty of taking care of her house and property. Her influence is quite strong in many of today’s pedigrees. Ripley died a peaceful, natural death due to old age.




DECEMBER 11, 1990 - FEBRUARY 13, 2000


Zack was born here and his contributions were many. He achieved his championship very quickly and went on to produce many wonderful offspring of which we still have several. Zack loved going to dog shows and was always accompanied by his sister, Jessie, who also accomplished her championship. Zack had a loving personality and enjoyed being around people and the other animals and enjoyed life in general. He graded OFA good on his hips with certified elbows. Zachary was a joy to live with. He had a good life and a peaceful death due to old age.




JUNE 26, 1992 - MAY 7, 2002


Our beautiful Makala came to live with us at seven weeks old, as payment for her daddy Zack's stud fee. At seven months old she won a five point major at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA. I can only guess that at that point SHE was satisfied with her accomplishments and made us quite aware that she didn't want to go to anymore dog shows. She became a retired show dog at age 1 1/2!! Makala certified OFA Excellent on her hips with elbows certified clear of dysplasya. She presented us with three beautiful litters from which we still have daughters, granddaughters and grandsons. We have many happy memories of our lives together.....we will miss her.




AUGUST 28, 1992 - DECEMBER 29, 2000

Tre was my "Big Bullie Boy". He proved to be very beneficial in our breeding program as he had that wonderful wrinkle that passed on to his get. Tre was a large boy but just as gentle and sweet as they come. When he saw you his eyes would light up and he would greet you with the same warmth. Tre certified good on his hips with clear elbows. He lives on through his progeny but his presence is dearly missed.




OCTOBER 3, 1993 - JANUARY 4, 2001

Torin was our big sweetheart. He arrived here when he was seven weeks old as payment for his daddy Zack's stud fee. Torin grew into an outstanding dog and did very well in the show ring. He graded excellent on his hips. Torin enjoyed traveling to the shows and the people but also loved his quiet life here on the farm. He made many friends and and will be remembered and missed.




MARCH 21, 1986 - SEPTEMBER 8, 1997


Lacey was one of my first girls. We learned many things together, puppy rearing, dog shows and the antics and unique characteristics of the Bullmastiff! Lacey was a very large, sweet girl. She had trouble going full term with her litters so her total number of offspring was one. (This boy did go on to win his Championship!) Lacey certified, hips and elbows, won her Championship and had a great life. Contrary to most Bullmastiffs she liked the outdoors best…so she spent most of her life basking in the sun and sleeping under the stars. Lacey was gently put to sleep on September 8, 1997.




SEPTEMBER 11,1994 - AUGUST 29, 1997


Shatzie suffered from a very unusual malady. She always was in great health until one afternoon when I found her very ill. The diagnosis upon surgery, was "mesenteric volvulus", this is a twisting of the anterior artery cutting off the blood supply to the small intestines causing them to die. Her problem was irreparable so she was gently put to sleep. This has no genetic factor. Shatzie wasn’t with us for long but the time here showed us a very gentle, loving girl. She certified OFA Good on her hips and her elbows certified. She was bred to our PRAETORIAN’S TRES BIEN and gave us nine beautiful puppies (two of which we still have, as they are great pups!). Through them she will live on.


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